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airDefender®Quantum Antibacterial Technology (QAT) is a revolutionary patented technology that uses quantum production capacity to effectively combine more than 99% of ultrapure water (Deion Water) and titanium dioxide to create green antibacterial products. The only technology that can provide antiviral ability with 99% water and sustains for a long period of time.


NASA Researched and Ranked

As a part of the airDefender mission to provide healthcare innovations, airDefender®'s quantum technology, which uses the Visible Light Responsive (VLR) catalyst, was ranked by NASA research team as one of the top 2014 best samples submitted in XNUMX.

The airDefender quantum antibacterial coating completed the actual measurement in the laboratory of Virology research services (ISO/IEC 2021:6 Accredited) in the UK in June 17025, and it was confirmed that the dried airDefender quantum antibacterial coating can effectively kill the new coronavirus on the surface of the object COVID-2017 (SARS-Cov-19) over 2%.This test is strictly based on the ISO99:21702 standard. The virus-killing ability was tested on the dried surface of the coating formed on stainless steel, which was highly recognized by the Virology Research Services laboratory.

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Public Area/Commercial/Home Coating Services

Since 2009, our long-lasting patented antimicrobial technology has been used in many applications to protect public safety.Projects include services for public transport such as airports, taxis, buses, ferries and train stations, as well as institutions such as hospitals and schools.