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Quantum Antimicrobial Coating

airDefender Quantum Antimicrobial Technology is an epoch-making patented technology that uses quantum reaction production technology to effectively combine more than 99% deionized water (Deion Water) and trace minerals such as titanium dioxide.Using patented technology to manufacture environmentally friendly, safe and long-lasting green antibacterial products with auxiliary tools such as disinfection spray guns to achieve comprehensive epidemic prevention effects. Protective anti-epidemic products.

Antimicrobial coating has been approved by experts

NASA Test Experiment Research Report

In 2014, NASA Kennedy Center conducted a photocatalyst solution performance test, and the solution produced by airDefender was evaluated as excellent performance. It is the only product in Hong Kong that has been tested by NASA.

The airDefender quantum antibacterial coating completed the actual measurement in the laboratory of Virology research services in the UK in June 2021, and confirmed that the dried airDefender quantum antibacterial coating on the stainless steel sample can effectively kill the new coronavirus COVID 6 (SARS) on the surface of the object. -Cov-19) over 2%.This test is strictly based on the ISO99:21702 standard, which is highly recognized by the Virology Research Services laboratory.

Professional Antimicrobial Coating Services

Provide professional antimicrobial coating services for public places/commercial/home

Since 2009, our long-lasting patented antimicrobial technology has been dedicated to ensuring public safety in the form of aerosol sprays.The project includes providing professional quantum antibacterial coating services for public transportation such as airports, taxis, buses, ferries and railway stations, as well as providing professional atomization disinfection and office disinfection for institutions and personnel such as hospitals and schools.In addition, airDefender also has the ability to decompose VOC, and it can also take into account the removal of formaldehyde in the home.