Antibacterial coating has a self-cleaning effect and can destroy pathogens in the environment

In the era of epidemic, people's demands and standards for environmental cleaning are rapidly increasing. Whether it is personal items, home environment, or office space, regular disinfection and sterilization are indispensable.Among the various products and services related to atomization disinfection today, what are the advantages of disinfection products using antibacterial coatings?This article will take you to a quick understanding of antimicrobial coatings.

What is an antimicrobial coating?Principles of Antimicrobial Coatings Explained

There are different types of materials for antimicrobial coatings, but most have a self-cleaning effect.So-called"Self-cleaning paint", that is, the physical or chemical properties of the coating surface have antibacterial functions, which can prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, and even destroy the structure of pathogens.However, the application range of traditional antibacterial coatings or antibacterial materials is limited. In order to make them more suitable for the needs of the public, in recent years, there has been a method of spraying antibacterial molecular coatings on the surface of environmental objects through atomizing guns and disinfection sprays to form antibacterial coatings. , so that a more comprehensive antimicrobial coating can be formed.


Where can antimicrobial coatings be used?Inventory of 4 Common Antimicrobial Coating Applications

Antimicrobial Coating Application Scenario 1: Office Space

After the epidemic, many companies began to resume physical offices, staying indoors with less air circulation for a long time, and regular office disinfection is indispensable.Office personnel frequently come and go, especially the easily accessible positions such as door and desktop, which can easily become a breakthrough gap for the spread of germs.Spraying an antibacterial coating can effectively prevent the spread of pathogens.

Antimicrobial Coating Application Scenario 2: Community Public Space

Contact with others is inevitable in the community, such as self-pickup stations, mailboxes, elevators and other areas. Although most of them are regularly disinfected, many people still visit these areas during the interval of disinfection, and it is difficult to limit contacts. If the source and contact range of the virus are to be frequently and comprehensively disinfected, it will take a lot of time and manpower.In recent years, many shopping malls and institutions have chosen to use antibacterial coating services.Its efficacy can be maintained for 3-12 monthsIt can decompose formaldehyde, TVOC, deodorize and prevent mildew. It is definitely an effective means to fight against viruses and bacteria.

Antimicrobial coating application 3: indoor venues

As indoor venues such as stadiums, gyms, and malls unblock and open, cleaning at these locations will also be stepped up.No matter what kind of indoor venue it is, there are a wide variety of items and equipment in the venue. If you wipe them one by one, it will inevitably slip through the net.At this time, with the help of an atomizing disinfection sprayer, an antibacterial coating is produced by spraying, which can be thoroughly cleaned in a wide range.

Antimicrobial Coating Application Scenario 4: Personal Space

In addition to a wide range of indoor spaces, antibacterial coatings can also be used in personal spaces such as home environments and car interiors, especially in spaces where upholstery or furnishings are mostly fabrics, fluff or leather, alcohol, hypochlorous acid water Wait for the disinfectant to spray or have the opportunity to affect the structure of the item, but you can choose to use a mild, long-lasting disinfectant to coat the item with an antibacterial coating.


2 Antibacterial Coating Service Precautions Reminders

If you want to choose an antibacterial coating service to upgrade the sanitary environment of your home and office, what details should you pay attention to?The following summarizes 2 considerations for antimicrobial coating services, referenced below:

1. Selection of antibacterial coating

There are many material choices for antimicrobial coatings, common ones are:

  • Titanium dioxide compound
  • Silane tetraammonium compound
  • Nano silicon ion

Different manufacturers have launched their own antibacterial coating products, but each type of coating can correspond to different materials. Before choosing a coating, you should ask carefully whether the coating has a material surface that is not suitable for contact.And since it is sprayed on a large area in the environment, whether it is harmless to the human body and whether it can effectively remove pathogens, it is also best to choose a third-party organization at home and abroad, such asSGS certification, tested and passed the non-toxic and effective products.

2. Differences in equipment for spraying antibacterial coatings

No matter what material the coating is, the primary goal is to be evenly distributed on the surface to achieve a complete coating effect. The particle size of the traditional spray gun is 50-100 microns, and the spraying force is very weak and cannot be Evenly distributed on the surface of the object, equipment or fabrics that cannot touch the water droplets will also be unsuitable because of the condensation of water droplets. The atomizing gun that can spray water mist with a diameter of 5 to 10 microns is an excellent device for spraying antibacterial coatings. Due to the strong spraying force, it will not cause the items to get wet, and the fine coating water mist can cover the surface of the object more completely, and carry out more thorough antibacterial disinfection effect.


3 Common Q&A Finishes for Antibacterial Coatings

After spraying the antibacterial coating, the surface of the item can still be cleaned normally

Q1: After spraying the antibacterial coating, can the surface of the item be wiped?

The answer is not necessarily.Some antibacterial coatings reduce their effectiveness by wiping, or even wipe away their effectiveness.Therefore, choosing a coating that can withstand wiping is more convenient for daily life.After spraying the antibacterial coating, the surface of the object can still be wiped, because the antibacterial coating is like a protective film on the surface of the object, which can still be touched and used normally without worrying about wiping off the coating or making it invalid.

Take the airDefender quantum antibacterial coating as an example, which has been in the laboratory of Virology research services (ISO2021:6 standard) in the UK in June 21702Complete the actual measurement, confirmed that the dried airDefender quantum antibacterial coating can effectively kill pathogens on the surface of the object, and can withstand friction without peeling.

Q2: Is the antibacterial coating harmful to the body and the environment?

In this regard, it depends on the technical design of the antimicrobial coating.Taking the antibacterial coating solution developed by AirDefender as an example, it can effectively decompose harmful organic substances, degrade viruses harmlessly, decompose and inhibit bacterial growth; the ingredients have won a number of international authoritative certifications, and have passed the oral acute toxicity test, proving that oral administration has zero risk and eye Zero irritation to the body, zero risk of cell penetration toxicity, zero skin irritation, zero risk of inhalation, and also harmless to the human body and non-irritating to the skin.And because it does not kill pathogens by releasing toxins, it is also friendly to the environment.Therefore, if you want to confirm whether the antibacterial coating is safe, as mentioned earlier in the article, only materials that have passed inspection and certification can be selected to ensure their safety.

Q3: How long can the antibacterial coating last?

After spraying the surface of the engineering construction, the antibacterial coating can maintain the effect for about 3-12 months. Some coatings can decompose formaldehyde, TVOC or achieve the effect of deodorization and mildew prevention. The actual maintenance effect depends on the space usage. .


Antimicrobial coating service recommendation: airDefender

The above is the introduction of antibacterial coatings. Facing the advent of the post-epidemic era, in addition to learning to coexist with the epidemic, maintaining personal and environmental hygiene is also very important. If you also want to improve the quality of your home or workplace, we recommend you choose airDefender"Professional Quantum Antimicrobial Coating Service"!The quantum antibacterial service provided by airDefender has not only been tested and certified in terms of technology, but also can maintain the effect for up to 12 months.At present, many public spaces of office buildings, schools, restaurants, and hotels have chosen to use professional quantum antibacterial coatings to maintain the comfort and cleanliness of the environment. If necessary, welcome toFill in the contact form on the official website service page, or watch moreactual case.

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