Comparison of Office Disinfection and Formaldehyde Removal Companies

Every time a new house is moved in, a new office is completed, or a new set of furniture and flooring is replaced, everyone rushes to make an appointmentFormaldehyde removal companyDoor-to-door formaldehyde removal service.Why is everyone looking forFormaldehyde removal companyWoolen cloth?Is there any way to remove formaldehyde at home?This article will show you how "formaldehyde" is produced, and introduce how to remove formaldehyde by yourself and ask a professional company to remove formaldehyde, and finally tell you how to chooseFormaldehyde removal companyThe key points, so that you can live or work with peace of mind in the new space.



Understand the causes and harms of formaldehyde formation at a time

Formaldehyde is aOrganic compound, Due to its chemical properties and efficient bactericidal power, it has a wide range of applications, from nail polish to furniture, industrial fabrics to specimen making and even sterilization, you can see the footprints of "smell" formaldehyde.I believe that readers must have smelled the pungent smell of formaldehyde in their lives. The pungent formaldehyde is strongly irritating to human mucous membranes, and is also recognized by the World Health Organization as a carcinogen.


Why is there formaldehyde indoors?

If formaldehyde is so toxic, why is formaldehyde everywhere in life?Why is the most formaldehyde in the new house when it is completed?As mentioned above, formaldehyde is also one of the ingredients of formalin that must be used when making specimens, which shows its excellent antiseptic, disinfecting and sterilizing effects.Therefore, it is generally used in the production of building materials, especially those made of various types of wood.synthetic plank, "Formaldehyde" will be added to destroy possible organisms in the wood.And formaldehyde will also be added to the paint. The building materials are bulky, and the surface area for indoor painting is also large, which also contains a large amount of formaldehyde. Therefore, after interior decoration, formaldehyde is particularly easy to exceed the standard.

What are the harms of formaldehyde?

The chemical nature of formaldehyde is volatile, so it is extremely harmful to the human body in a closed space containing formaldehyde.In addition to being a carcinogen announced by the World Health Organization, formaldehyde has the following harmful effects on the human body:


  • chest tightness,shortness of breath

  • Women's menstrual period disorder, miscarriage and teratogenic possibility

  • Respiratory disease

  • abnormal sense of smell

  • abnormal lung function

  • abnormal liver function

  • allergic dermatitis

  • Immune dysfunction, etc.

Disinfect the office yourself! 8 ways to remove formaldehyde and disinfection methods

There are many known methods for removing formaldehyde. The following 8 methods for removing formaldehyde will be divided into 4 kinds of "home-made methods for removing formaldehyde" and 4 kinds of "professional methods".Formaldehyde removal companymethod" to introduce:


Formaldehyde removal and disinfection method at home

1. Plant purification plants

Planting golden kudzu, ivy, potted chrysanthemum and other plants can help absorb formaldehyde in the air.

2. Good ventilation

Formaldehyde is volatile, so if conditions permit, you should let the newly decorated room ventilate as long as possible.

3. Activated carbon adsorption

The same as the principle of purifying plants, activated carbon is used to adsorb formaldehyde in the air.

4. Low formaldehyde building materials

If you want to avoid indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standard, you can also use low formaldehyde building materials when decorating.

Disinfection in the office and disinfection at home

However, the above home formaldehyde removal methods do not have professional equipment and spray, so physical methods are often used to remove formaldehyde, but the scope of treatment is small and cannot be completely eradicated.Therefore, if you really want to live with peace of mind, you still need a professionalFormaldehyde removal companyservice.


Professional formaldehyde removal company disinfection method

Since the techniques used by each formaldehyde removal company are different, here are 4 common professional formaldehyde removal methods:

Formaldehyde removal company method

1. Photocatalyst

Formaldehyde removal companyThe most common removal method is photocatalyst.Photocatalyst is a substance that uses ultraviolet light to perform photochemical reaction to achieve catalytic reaction, and decompose organic matter by oxidation or reduction.Formaldehyde removal companyBy spraying photocatalyst on the surface of the object, it can achieve the effect of sterilization and decontamination.

However, because it will be sprayed with white turbid liquid during construction, it is easy to cause whitening on the surface of the item, and ultraviolet radiation is required to achieve the effect.In addition, the photocatalyst liquid itself contains an adhesive, and its composition is also worthy of attention to whether it is harmful to the surface of the article and the human body.

2. No photocatalyst 

Non-photocatalyst is an ultra-nano-micro-molecular titanium dioxide compound.Compared with photocatalysts that require strong ultraviolet light to remove formaldehyde, no photocatalysts, as the name suggests, can achieve antibacterial and antifouling effects without light.

3. Quantum Antimicrobial Coating Service

Quantum Antimicrobial Technology (QAT)is a patented technology that creates antimicrobial and self-cleaning coatings.Its technology is similar to photocatalysts, but does not require a stable light source to react; in addition,This new technology outperforms photocatalysts by up to 38 times in terms of antibacterial and cleaning power while lasting longer, is an ideal professional formaldehyde removal technology.

4. Chitin Spray

The shell of the crab is produced after the process of extraction and purification. The structure belongs to animal fibers. The purification effect is achieved by adsorbing formaldehyde. The only problem is the degree of saturation. When a certain dose of chitin is absorbed, it cannot be reused. Remove more formaldehyde.


Formaldehyde removal companies compare 3 key points and find the best supplier for office disinfection

1. Professional technology of formaldehyde removal company

pickFormaldehyde removal company, the most important thing to check is the formaldehyde removal technology used. In addition to selecting the technology that meets the needs, it is also very important whether the technology itself has passed the certification.This part can be assessed by having a certificate recognised by a professional body, becauseFormaldehyde removal companySeveral of the most common formaldehyde removal technologies (such as: electric catalyst, photocatalyst, air catalyst) have corresponding professional certification as a guarantee.


2. Reputation of formaldehyde removal company

confirmedFormaldehyde removal companyAfter the technology has been certified and trusted, then we will examineFormaldehyde removal companyreputation.The formaldehyde removal project has a large budget, is related to health, and is carried out in places with important personal property such as at home or in the workplace.Formaldehyde removal companyThe establishment and operation time, past real customers and their evaluations can help to select a satisfactoryFormaldehyde removal company.


3. Use green materials

Whether it is photocatalyst, no photocatalyst or chitin spray, there will be problems with adhesives and animal fibers, even if it can be reduced.

formaldehyde concentration, but there are still other dangers.The use of green and environmentally friendly materials is absolutely safe for the human body and does not harm the indoor environment, decoration or furniture surfaces.


Service Comparison of Formaldehyde Removal Companies | List the construction methods of formaldehyde removal companies through the form


Quantum Antimicrobial Coating Services

no photocatalyst

Chitin spray


formaldehyde removal

formaldehyde removal


Escherichia coli

Listeria virus and other viral pathogens up to 99%

Decompose TVOC

Deodorant and mildew proof

formaldehyde removal

Formaldehyde removal, antibacterial and mildew proof

Formaldehyde removal technology certification

According to each brand

Antibacterial technology patent: CN2020/103148

Self-cleaning technology patent: WO2019/205551



Construction time

1,000-2,000 feet
/3-4 hours

1,000-2,000 feet

1,000-2,000 feet
/3-4 hours

1,000-2,000 feet

maintenance period





Human influence

Contains organic solvents that can harm the respiratory tract

Environmentally friendly, harmless to the human body and the environment



environmental impact

The spray itself is a cloudy liquid, and the surface of the object is easy to whiten


The surface of the object is prone to chromatic aberration


Formaldehyde removal company service process and precautions

airdefenderOfFor example, "Quantum Antibacterial Coating Service", the construction process and related precautions are as follows:


  • Step XNUMX: The customer provides the regional address, service scope and size

  • Step XNUMX: Confirm the quotation and construction date (Note: Make an appointment one week in advance)

  • Step XNUMX: The customer performs simple cleaning for the service area that needs to be sprayed

  • Step XNUMX: Carry out the spraying project

  • Step 30: After finishing the coating service, keep the space ventilated, if you need further cleaning, you can do it XNUMX minutes after finishing the coating project.


Office disinfection is free of trouble, hand it over to a professional formaldehyde removal company|airDefender

Just finished renovating your office or new home and want to be able to work and live in a safe environment?In addition to the simple home formaldehyde removal method,Office disinfectionRecommended to professionalsFormaldehyde removal company; Not only to remove formaldehyde, but also to focus on the long-term impact on human health and the surface of indoor furniture, and should choose to provide environmentally friendly green construction methods.Formaldehyde removal company.


airdefenderProvides patentedProfessional quantum antibacterial coating服务, not only removes formaldehyde that is harmful to the human body, but also continuously eliminates SARS-CoV-2, H1N1, and Escherichia coli in the space through patented self-cleaning technology, so that subsequent cleaning can also be done without using disinfection products and hypochlorous acid water, avoiding other Side effects on humans and the environment.Office disinfectionFind a professionalFormaldehyde removal company airDefender, fill out the form nowContact, to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the indoor space.


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