Atomization gun disinfection is more effective than ordinary disinfection spray, but pay attention to safety when using it

Under the raging epidemic, citizens have become more aware of the importance of home epidemic prevention and disinfection. Atomization guns / atomization disinfection guns have become a new choice for epidemic prevention supplies, but are atomization disinfection guns really useful?I heard that using the wrong nebulizer can lead to pulmonary fibrosis?Some disinfectant solutions are ineffective when atomized?This article will give you a quick understanding of the atomizer gun and how to use it safely, so that you can use it with confidence and prevent epidemics easily.


Are atomizing guns / atomizing disinfection guns useful?First of all, you need to understand the working principle of the atomizing gun

What is an atomizing gun

Atomizer gun refers to a device that can convert a solution from a liquid into a small molecule aerosol in the form of aerosol. Generally, the atomizer gun commonly used in our homes is like a water gun in appearance, and has a push-type, trigger-like switch. A hose connects the jar with the sanitizing solution and the nozzle, which can be operated with one hand.In fact, atomizer guns range from large equipment to lightweight models. Among them, the types that can be hand-held, lightweight, and used at home are particularly popular during the epidemic.

The benefits of atomizing guns

Ease of use is the biggest advantage of the atomizer gun. Whether it is used for household cleaning or disinfection after going out, it can be used with just one hand.At the same time, the atomizing gun can also spray finer water mist than the general spray gun; the size of the water droplets sprayed by the general spray gun is about 20-100 microns, while the atomizing gun can spray the water mist with the size of 5-10 microns.

The fine mist has the following 3 benefits:

  1. Liquid particles below 10 microns will be suspended in the air, and they are easier to spread, which can more effectively eliminate pathogens in the air.
  2. The amount of disinfectant is relatively economical.
  3. After spraying, there will be no water droplets on the surface of the item, and it will not be wet to the touch.


Important reminder for the use of atomizing guns: choose a suitable and safe disinfection solution carefully

In terms of operation principle, as long as it is "liquid", it can be put into the atomizer gun for use, but not all disinfection solutions are suitable for use with the atomizer gun.Because the water mist molecules produced by the atomizing gun are very small and easy to stay in the air, if the composition of the disinfectant is flammable or toxic, it is easy to cause accidents.Therefore, only a disinfectant that is harmless to the human body and avoids flammable properties can be used safely with the atomizing gun.

Commonly used foratomizing guncomparison of sanitizers

Type of disinfectant


Hypochlorous acid water

Bleach (hypochlorite)

Titanium dioxide photocatalyst

natural disinfectant

New Titanium Dioxide

Main components

Ethanol (C2H5OH)

Hypochlorous acid (HClO)

Sodium hypochlorite (NaClO)

Titanium dioxide (TiO2) photocatalyst

Plant extracts, fermented sources

Quantum Antimicrobial Technology (QAT)








Easy to obtain, low cost, easy to volatilize, no peculiar smell

No peculiar smell, high safety, can be used in a large area and multiple ranges, environmental protection

Good sterilization effect, low cost, environmental protection

Good bactericidal effect, high stability, long-lasting antibacterial effect, easy to adhere to the surface of objects

Environmental protection, no odor, no chemical additives

Good bactericidal effect, high stability, long-lasting antibacterial effect, harmless to inhalation or oral administration, zero irritation to the skin


Not effective against all viruses,Flammable propertiesmore dangerous

Not easy to store, can not be used for metal materials, most of them are irritating to the skin

Irritating smell, not for metal, wool, nylon, paint material, irritating

Higher price, harder to obtain, requires light to activate

The price is high, the quality is not easy or need to add stabilizer additives

Higher price and more difficult to obtain due to patent protection

Can it be atomized











How to distinguish between atomizer gun and water gun?Compare these points carefully

The difference between the atomizing gun and the water gun is the particle size of the sprayed water mist

Distinguish between general spray guns and atomization guns, which can be judged from the particle size of the sprayed water mist.Although there is no way to directly measure the particle size of the water mist, it can be observed from the surface of the object after spraying. If the general water gun is sprayed, it will touch the water droplets and the surface is relatively wet. However, due to the fine water mist sprayed by the atomizing gun, it will not be sprayed after spraying. Does not condense water droplets, the surface is dry.

Summary of the principles of safe use of atomizing guns

It is safe to use the atomizing gun carefully and correctly. It is rumored that the main cause of pulmonary fibrosis is not the atomizing gun, but the atomizing and spraying of an inappropriate solution, which will cause harm to the human body.Therefore, please keep the following 4 principles in mind when using atomizers:

  • Choose a safe and effective nebulizer solution (preferably one that is clearly labeled as nebulizer)
  • Take safety precautions when spraying (gloves, masks, glasses, etc., avoid direct contact with disinfectant)
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to fogging environments
  • Avoid mixing disinfectants and pay attention to air circulation


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