As the novel coronavirus spreads across the globe, businesses around the world are exploring new ways to protect the health and safety of their customers and employees, with the hope that everyone is safe from the pandemic.The data on the epidemic shows that public health is not only about individual-level issues, but requires the joint efforts of society to ensure the health of everyone.Personal epidemic prevention can only be performed at the individual level. Other factors, such as contact with other people, public facilities, surfaces or staying in the same place for a long time, will increase the risk of infection.

AirDefender Aerosol Disinfection Expert - Community Antimicrobial Coating Service


as a professionalOffice disinfection,Formaldehyde removal company.airDefender is committed toAtomization Disinfection GunProtect the community from the threat of viruses.This time, airDefender is honored to cooperate with Sun Hung Kai Properties to provide public protection measures for the public. The group's cooperative shopping malls include APM, YOHO, Metro Plaza and Sun Kwai Hing Center, all of which are protected for one year.All high-frequency public contact surfaces have been coated with airDefender 365-Day Quantum Antimicrobial Technology to inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses and reduce contact-borne infectious diseases such as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The airDefender 365-Day Quantum Antibacterial Technology coating has passed the SGS test and can withstand daily cleaning and wiping up to 2000 times, and the use of general cleaning agents (such as bleach, alcohol, hypochlorous acid, etc.) will not damage its performance.ourAntimicrobial coatingNot only can it penetrate into the micropores on the surface of the object during cleaning, but also help reduce the adhesion of dirt and other environmental pollutants on the surface of the object after cleaning, thereby enhancing cleaning standards and disinfection effectiveness.

airDefender Pro Team QuantumAntimicrobial coatingservices, using environmentally friendly and safe technology, to provide customers with the most comprehensivepublic places, home andOffice disinfectionServe.After a successful appointment, a professional team will be arranged to spray at the designated time. The professional team will use professional equipment to evenly cover the surface of the object with the quantum antibacterial technology coating solution (especially the surface of objects that are frequently touched, such as: furniture, equipment, doors, handrails etc.) to form a 365-day antimicrobial protective film.After spraying, just wait 15 minutes under the ventilation condition, you can use or work as usual.

Thank you APM and Sun Hung Kai Properties for allowing us to work with you to protect the health of those you care about and cherish.

Technology patent of antibacterial coating

airDefender's Quantum Antimicrobial Technology (QAT) is an advanced technology that kills bacteria and viruses even in the absence of light.Quantum Antimicrobial Technology coating services have moved from industrial to commercial and extended to home antimicrobial solutions for consumer homes. QAT has the efficacy of killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, as well as effective residual aging against SARS-CoV2 strains, QAT also prevents the growth of mold, mildew and fungi while having purifying properties for TVOC. QAT is a safe, natural and sustainable technology that is safe for users of all ages and is environmentally and pet friendly.

QAT can be added to a liquid coating solution consisting of 99% water to provide surface protection, odor control and anti-viral protection, and AirDefender'sAtomization Disinfection GunQuantum PermeableAntimicrobial coatingThe solution protects the health of you and your family.