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Hong Kong brand, green protection with antibacterial coating

About our technology

AirDefender technology was born after the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong in 2003, and our R&D department hopes to better control epidemics of various severity through high-quality hygiene products that are efficient, sustainable, and easy to use.Over the years, airDefender has developed a new green antimicrobial coating technology that is more effective at fighting pathogens and other environmental pollutants than traditional technologies.Since then, our scientists have continued to learn and grow through countless experiments and tests to understand how to optimally apply our expertise to achieve aspirations for accessible hygiene.
AirDefender® has developed a variety of disinfection sprays and antibacterial cloth masks and other products, forming a long-lasting antibacterial coating in various environments, and is committed to working with you to prevent epidemics and protect the health of the community.

Our Mission

airDefender® protects individuals, families, businesses and even the world from the threat of infectious diseases by providing professional antimicrobial coating services and office disinfection services, and introducing a range of convenient, effective and sustainable aerosol disinfection products and reusable masks.Our goal is to improve the health of our communities by providing safe and effective ways to remove formaldehyde without compromising quality, convenience and the environment.

Not only an expert in atomization and disinfection, but also can remove formaldehyde

The World In Action

Public health is a major global concern, and we all have a responsibility to ensure our environment is healthy and clean.Local restaurants, recreational parks, schools, offices, shopping centers, clinics, day care centers, and many others are looking for harmless ways to prevent and remove formaldehyde to protect their residents, students, employees, and customers, as well as achieve better air prime numbers.

We currently operate in more than 15 countries/regions including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Germany, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States, providing personal and household anti-epidemic products and providing public space or Office disinfection and other services to fight the epidemic with you.