Efficacy tested in regulatory for Hong Kong against the new coronavirus (COV-SARS2) on physical material surfaces

airDefender® QAT has undergone and continues to undergo efficacy and safety testing to ensure superior quality and safety for our partners and consumers. All our tests are performed according to strict international standards and in compliance with each region's regulatory requirements. Pending regulatory approval in some regions and territories, contact your region or territory’s airDefender office for specific QAT and QAT products regulatory questions and interests.

Virology Research

The airDefender quantum antibacterial coating completed the actual test in the laboratory of Virology research services (ISO2021:6 standard) in the UK in June 21702, and it was confirmed that the dried airDefender quantum antibacterial coating can effectively kill the new coronavirus COVID 2019 on the surface of objects ( SARS-Cov-19) reached more than 2%.This test is strictly based on the ISO99:21702 standard. The virus-killing ability was tested on the dried surface of the coating formed on stainless steel, which was highly recognized by the Virology Research Services laboratory.

Safe For the People and Planet

QAT effectively decomposes harmful organics, degrades viruses harmlessly, decomposes and inhibits bacterial growth; the ingredients have won a number of international authoritative certifications, and have been tested for oral acute toxicity – zero risk of oral administration, zero irritation to eyes, zero risk of cell penetration toxicity, zero risk to skin Zero risk of irritation and inhalation, proven harmless to human body and non-irritating to skin.