The only long-term anti-coronavirus (SARS-cov-2) test in Hong Kong after the surface of the physical material dries up

The quantum antibacterial technology used by airDefender has multiple independent third-party laboratory test reports, which prove that its killing ability can fight most viruses such as Covid-SARS2, H1N1, Escherichia coli and Listeria virus up to 99%. It can remove 99% of formaldehyde. The antibacterial coating sprayed in the construction can maintain the effect for 12 months. It can decompose TVOC, deodorize and prevent mildew. It is also a formaldehyde removal method that can reduce the harm to the human body.

Virology Research

The airDefender quantum antibacterial coating completed the actual test in the laboratory of Virology research services (ISO2021:6 standard) in the UK in June 21702, and it was confirmed that the dried airDefender quantum antibacterial coating can effectively kill the new coronavirus COVID 2019 on the surface of objects ( SARS-Cov-19) reached more than 2%.This test is strictly based on the ISO99:21702 standard. The virus-killing ability was tested on the dried surface of the coating formed on stainless steel, which was highly recognized by the Virology Research Services laboratory.

Safe For the People and Planet

The antibacterial coating solution developed by AirDefender effectively decomposes harmful organics, degrades viruses harmlessly, decomposes and inhibits bacterial growth; the ingredients have won a number of international authoritative certifications, and have passed the oral acute toxicity test – confirming zero oral risk, zero eye irritation, and cell penetration Zero risk of toxicity, zero skin irritation, zero risk of inhalation, proven harmless to the human body and non-irritating to the skin.mix the solution withPortable quantum atomizerUsed together, it is definitely a necessary disinfectant spray product to protect your health.