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airDefender® Quantum Antimicrobial Technology (QAT) is a patented antimicrobial technology that forms antimicrobial and self-cleaning coatings for a variety of applications from industrial and commercial to consumer products. QAT is designed with advanced patented technology to transform the science of nanophotocatalysis.This innovative technology utilizes natural and sustainable resources to incorporate into a wide range of raw materials and finished products, avoiding the use of sanitizing products and the side effects of hypochlorous water, while introducing antibacterial and self-cleaning properties.Nanophotocatalysts have been used in a variety of applications and products, including photocatalyst coatings.These nanophotocatalyst coatings require constant light to activate, so their use is usually limited to the external environment.They can be used to extend the life of exterior paint, reduce mold growth, and eliminate environmental emissions of volatile organic compounds (TVOCs). QAT is a trans-nanometer photocatalyst technology that does not require a stable and constant light source for activation.In addition, this new technology can achieve a 38-fold performance improvement over common photocatalysts in terms of antibacterial and self-cleaning capabilities, while lasting longer and being safe to use on all surfaces and around the body.It can even be added to a liquid paint solution consisting of 99% water to provide surface protection, odor control and anti-viral protection. Used by AirDefenderAtomization Disinfection GunZhengzheng can protect the health of you and your family with Quantum Antibacterial Coating Solution.

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Technology patent of antibacterial coating

airDefender®'s antimicrobial coating holds two separate quantum technology patents.
Antibacterial technology patent: CN2020/103148
Self-cleaning technology patent: WO2019/205551

far beyond nanotechnology

Quantum Catalysis Used in Disinfection Spray

In 2013, airDefender made a breakthrough that removed the requirement for a stable and constant light source and significantly improved performance.Since its development, airDefender has started using the technology in commercial applications as atomized spray coatings.

Antibacterial coating has extremely high antibacterial ability

The antimicrobial coating formed by the AirDefender nebulizer can kill superbugs - such as H1N1, E. coli and MRSA - as well as other worrying bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2 and human coronavirus 229E.

Antibacterial coating ability lasts

The antimicrobial coating formed by AirDefender Sanitizing Spray can outlast other additive technologies to provide effectiveness ranging from hours to months, depending on how the product is incorporated.

Disinfectant spray with high adhesion

Because smaller particles have more points of contact, the antimicrobial coating formed by the disinfectant spray adheres more firmly to surfaces, improving durability and washability.

Quantum antibacterial coating efficacy measurement


As part of airDefender's mission to provide healthcare innovation, airDefender® Quantum Antimicrobial Coating Technology was named one of the top 2014 best samples submitted in 3 by a NASA research team.
An experiment published in the American Journal of Infection Control (AJIC) tested the effectiveness of the QAT antimicrobial coating.The results showed a significantly lower incidence of infection transmission in healthcare facilities.

Professional atomization disinfection protection and prevention

Proof of efficacy of disinfectant spray

airDefender® QAT undergoes multiple efficacy and safety tests to ensure superior quality and safety for our partners and consumers. QAT has been rigorously tested and its antibacterial coating has been proven effective against H1N1 influenza virus, Escherichia coli, MRSA, SARS-CoV-2, Salmonella, Legionella, Listeria, HCoV-229E, vaccinia, hand, foot and mouth disease and many more Diseases and pollutants.