Portable quantum atomizer

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✓ Spray instantlyeffectiveKill 99.9% bacteria

✓The antibacterial coating formed after drying can continue to effectively kill bacteria up to 99%

✓The objects sprayed with the atomized disinfection spray can be used for daily cleaning (including alcohol, bleach): the effect of the antibacterial coating is not reduced

✓Suitable for use as a household disinfectant spray, the use of atomized disinfectant spray can quickly cover a wide range of objects with an antibacterial coating

✓ Lightweight and convenient to hold with one hand: less than 2 lbs

✓ Rechargeable

✓No residue, fast drying, suitable for use in many different places (such as home, office disinfection)

量子抗菌技術(QAT) 為一劃時代專利技術,利用量子生產能力,有效結合99%以上超純水(Deion Water) 及微量礦物如銅及二氧化鈦等,制造出綠色抗菌產品! 亦是唯一可以使用超過99%水份而能夠有效即時殺滅及長效保護之防疫產品! ✓全港唯一經英國VRS ISO17025:2017實驗室測試確認於乾涸塗層上能有效殺滅COVID 19 (SARS Cov 2)達99%以上 ✓榮獲SGS國際權威認證成分環保無毒及 人體安全5大認證1.眼部【0】刺激性2.皮膚【0】敏感3.皮膚細胞【0】滲透毒性4.吸入【0】風險5.口服【0】毒性 ✓德國權威實驗室ENVIROR測試證實:抗冠狀病毒;SGS多份測試報告證明:抑制病毒病菌生長達99.9%,包括H1N1、大腸桿菌、猩紅熱、金黃葡萄球菌及李斯特等。 ✓2014年由NASA評為首3位最佳量子抗菌技術,其分解率更高於市場上常用的產品達38倍✓2021年獲新加坡政府官方權威認證對新冠病毒有效(於實物鋼材表面上測試)的唯一香港長效抗菌品牌

What's special:

Objects sprayed with an antibacterial coating with an atomized disinfectant spray can be used for daily cleaning, and cleaning agents such as alcohol and bleach will not damage the antibacterial coating and have no diminished effect.

Easily spray your home and office with a seven-day long-lasting antibacterial coating that reduces virus growth and reduces exposure to bacteria and viruses. AirDefender is integrated into life, without worrying about wiping off the coating or making it ineffective, and it does not hinder daily cleaning habits, which greatly enhances the protection effect.

In about 5 minutes, it can cover a large range of objects with an antibacterial coating, and the antibacterial coating formed after drying can continuously kill 19% of COVID-99 (new coronavirus) and bacterial viruses.

product maintenance:

  • The warranty period is one year. After purchase, please log in to the following link to fill inmaintenance form
  • The company reserves the right of final decision for any man-made damage, use without instructions, wrong power supply or negligent use of the product.
  • If you need to return or exchange the goods, please contact our company to make an appointment first, and then bring the goods and documents in person for processing.

Voltage Notes:

  • To protect the circuit and make the battery more durable, the gun should be charged with a voltage of DC5V 1.5A.If the voltage is too large, there is a chance that the spray gun will activate the protection mechanism and cannot be charged.

 Product specifications:


Model size: 202*67*213 mm

Model weight: 850g

Liquid Capacity: 380ml Spray

Battery capacity: 2600ma

Model voltage: DC5V 1.5A