Intelligent induction atomizer set (including 1 pack of 150ml quantum antibacterial solution)

$ 228.00 $ 276.00

✓Automatic induction sprays antibacterial coating

✓ Smart operation, charging prompt

✓Type-C USB charging

✓Small and convenient, does not occupy space

✓Wide application (personal, home, office disinfection is also suitable)

✓The disinfectant spray adopts a skin-friendly formula and is suitable for hands or other objects (such as: mobile phones, wallets, keys, etc.)

✓Combined with airDefender Quantum Antibacterial Solution150 ml / 1L使用


Kit includes:

  1. Mini quantum intelligent induction antibacterial atomizer
  2. Type-C USBCharging Cable
  3. user's Guide
  4. 1 package150ml Quantum Antibacterial Solution