Environmentally friendly reusable masks

$ 89.00 $ 99.00


✓ With SILVADUR antimicrobial technology(This patented technology arranges silver ions evenly on the surface of the fabric, releases silver ions when they come into contact with bacteria, and activates the antibacterial mechanism, with antibacterial up to 99.9%)

Cloth maskfashion veneer,Comfortable and breathable

EarringsAdjustable tightness,reduceairMaskThe resulting indentation and back of the ear discomfort, suitable for different face shapes

✓ The nose pad design can effectively prevent glasses from fogging

✓ The surface is anti-droplet design, water-proof

✓ Can be reused 30 times or more(After washingairMaskAfter 25 times,Antimicrobial coatingThe effect remains above 95%)

✓ 100% OEKO-TEXAuthentication Layer 3pure cottonFabric, breathable, wash-resistant and non-allergenic

✓ CooperateairDefender sprayInreusable maskUse on, instant patent formationAntimicrobial coating, Strengthen the antibacterial effect (the spray does not contain alcohol and will not damage the mask)

✓ A variety of colors for you to choose, beautiful and fashionable appearance