Eco-friendly reusable mask CoolMAX

$ 108.00 $ 118.00


✓Using SILVADUR antibacterial technology (this patented technology arranges silver ions evenly on the surface of the fabric, releases silver ions when it comes into contact with bacteria, and activates the antibacterial mechanism, with antibacterial up to 99.9%)

✓ Comfortable and breathable CoolMax technology

✓ The earrings can be adjusted elastically to reduce the indentation and back of the ear discomfort caused by the environmental protection mask, suitable for different face shapes

✓ Can be reused 30 times or more (after washing and ironing the environmental protection mask 25 times, the effect of the antibacterial coating still maintains more than 95%)

✓Multiple colors to choose from

✓ 100% OEKO-TEX certified 3-ply cotton fabric, excellent breathability, wash-resistant and non-allergenic

✓ CooperateairDefender sprayUse on reusable masks to instantly form a patented antibacterial coating to enhance antibacterial effect (the spray does not contain alcohol and will not damage the mask)