Portable Quantum Atomizer Gun Set

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Portable Atomizer SterilizerConvenient and easy to use, pour the 7-day quantum coating solution250 ml / 1Lused together toEasily apply a seven-day antibacterial coating to your home and office, greatlyreducevirusform, and reduceRisk of exposure to bacteria and viruses.

✓ Spray instantly kills 99.9% of COVID-19 (new coronavirus)

✓The antibacterial coating formed after drying can continue to kill COVID-19 (new coronavirus) and bacterial viruses up to 99%

✓The objects sprayed with the atomized disinfection spray can be used for daily cleaning (including alcohol, bleach): the effect of the antibacterial coating is not reduced

✓Suitable for use as a household disinfectant spray, the use of atomized disinfectant spray can quickly cover a wide range of objects with an antibacterial coating

✓ Lightweight and convenient to hold with one hand: less than 2 lbs

✓ Rechargeable

✓No residue, fast drying, suitable for use in many different places (such as home, office disinfection)

Portable Nebulizer Kit Includes:

  1. Portable quantum atomizer
  2. A clear spray bottle
  3. 7 Days Quantum Antibacterial Coating Solution 250ml Pack





Quantum Antibacterial Technology (QAT) is an epoch-making patented technology that uses quantum production capacity to effectively combine more than 99% of ultrapure water (Deion Water) and trace minerals to create green antibacterial products!It is also the only anti-epidemic product that can use more than 99% water to effectively kill instantly and provide long-term protection! 


International authority certificates and certifications:

-The only Hong Kong long-lasting antibacterial brand certified by the official authority of the Singapore government to be effective against COVID-2021 (tested on physical steel surfaces) in XNUMX

- Proven by the American laboratory Analytical Lab Group (GLP) to instantly kill 19% of COVID-99.999 (coronavirus)

- The only one in Hong Kong that has been confirmed by the UK VRS ISO17025 laboratory test to continuously kill 19% of COVID-99 (coronavirus) on dry coatings

- German authoritative laboratory ENVIROR test confirmed: anti-coronavirus;

- A number of international test reports have proven that it inhibits the growth of viral bacteria up to 99.9%, including H1N1, Escherichia coli, scarlet fever, Staphylococcus aureus and Listeria.

- 榮獲SGS國際權威認證成分環保無毒及人體安全5大認證,包括眼部【0】刺激性、皮膚【0】敏感、皮膚細胞【0】滲透毒性、吸入【0】風險、口服【0】毒性。

- Ranked as the top 2014 best quantum antibacterial technology by NASA in 3, its decomposition rate is 38 times higher than that of commonly used products in the market

What's special:

Objects sprayed with an antibacterial coating with an atomized disinfectant spray can be used for daily cleaning, and cleaning agents such as alcohol and bleach will not damage the antibacterial coating and have no diminished effect.

Easily spray your home and office with a seven-day long-lasting antibacterial coating that reduces virus growth and reduces exposure to bacteria and viruses. AirDefender is integrated into life, without worrying about wiping off the coating or making it ineffective, and it does not hinder daily cleaning habits, which greatly enhances the protection effect.

In about 5 minutes, it can cover a large range of objects with an antibacterial coating, and the antibacterial coating formed after drying can continuously kill 19% of COVID-99 (new coronavirus) and bacterial viruses.

product maintenance:

  • The warranty period is one year. After purchase, please log in to the following link to fill inmaintenance form
  • The company reserves the right of final decision for any man-made damage, use without instructions, wrong power supply or negligent use of the product.
  • If you need to return or exchange the goods, please contact our company to make an appointment first, and then bring the goods and documents in person for processing.

Voltage Notes:

  • To protect the circuit and make the battery more durable, the gun should be charged with a voltage of DC5V 1.5A.If the voltage is too large, there is a chance that the spray gun will activate the protection mechanism and cannot be charged.

 Product specifications:


Model size: 202*67*213 mm

Model weight: 850g

Liquid Capacity: 380ml Spray

Battery capacity: 2600ma

Model voltage: DC5V 1.5A